The “Why?” And “What If..?” of Tomorrow

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Two questions for today that inform tomorrow: “Why?” And “What If…?”

Jeff Utecht recently published his thoughts around ideas we’ve been playing with since the inception of organized education:  Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking.  In his post, Jeff revisits the 4 C’s based upon significant changes in our world.  The underpinnings of each are defined the same way, but how these underpinnings are applied to our global learning community is critically different.  Jeff took these pieces from a conceptual framework to a living, breathing manifesto of practice.  This manifesto creates an undeniable sense of urgency to understand how to actualize these principles in everyday practices of teaching and learning.


Considering the 4 C’s,  please share one professional practice in which you engage that mirrors the efforts and mindset that Jeff describes.

    Why do you do this?  (Why bother?)

 Which one of the practices described inspires you?  Which might inspire your learners?

     What if…you implemented this in your professional practice?

                 The Four C’s of Learning via Jeff Utecht


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