Then & Now: Shaping the Start of the Year

At the close of a school year, we are often asked to consider our individual learning journeys and construct words of wisdom for folks following in our footsteps.  The responses below offer insight gleaned from a team of teachers we had the privilege of learning with over the past year:

If I Knew Then What I Know Now…

Letting go of control is hard but giving kids ownership over their learning makes it worthwhile.”

“There is tremendous value in the process!”photos-7398484@N02-potter

This is not too complicated for students or teachers. This process allows you to see your classroom instruction and your students in a new and developing way. Be open to it!

Consider skills students will use in this process and create opportunities for students to practice these skills in everyday learning. Practice will build their confidence and fluency!

It won’t be perfect. Give yourself time to figure it out. You are learning with the students!

“Let the students guide the research, even if you are not sure their ideas will work.

“It’s okay to FAIL (teachers & students), as long as you are sure to regroup and reroute!”

As you reflect on your own learning experience and efforts, consider the impact they have had on your everyday practice.  In what way(s) have you & your students started this year differently?

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