Growing the Culture of a Learning Community


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We’ve been doing a lot of talking about Professional Learning Communities, and the intentional efforts of some to create communities of purposeful learning.  The activity linked here is one we recently crafted for a team of teachers who have been given one day each month to explore, test-drive and share elements of practice, as they relate to shifts toward student-owned and global learning.

Given this gift of time and opportunity, I wonder…

  • What might they need to consider as they learn toward their goal of student-owned learning and global connectivity?
  • What professional & pedagogical process changes will be most important to consider?
  • What do they need, or need to avoid, to make the most of this opportunity?
  • How can we best support their efforts to create a culture of professional learning?

2 comments to Growing the Culture of a Learning Community

  1. Lauren says:

    We need to have a shift from cooperating to collaboration. It is imperative that we move beyond sharing the work and start sharing our thinking in to learn and develop ourselves. The teachers need time to work together and continue their journey. It is important to recognize the teachers efforts and celebrate them.

  2. trangel says:

    The teacher give up control and the student does more work and thinks more.
    The students work harder than the teacher
    The teacher takes more risks which makes students less dependent on the teacher to answer their questions and more reliant on their own thinking process.

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