Doing More or Doing Some Things Differently?


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My partners and I have been noodling around with the ides of “less is more” in the context of education, but most especially when it comes to teaching and learning.  In fact, we’ve facilitated several discussions and workshops with teachers and learners from around the world, centered on the idea of Less (Teaching) Is More (Learning). 

Thinking about our educational landscape and the wide range of things pulling at our time and attention, it’s not a wonder why even the smallest shifts often seem nearly impossible.  Are we constantly trying to do more, or are we working to do some things differently? Is there a time when each has merit?

Please consider and share your efforts just over the past few months…

Doing More:
– What are you doing more of?
– What are your students doing more of?
– To what benefit?
– At what cost?

Doing Some Things Differently:
– What are you doing differently?
– What are your students doing differently?
– To what benefit?
– At what cost?